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The Kansas Quality Improvement Partnership (KQIP) is a group of leading health care organizations that strive to coordinate quality improvement and patient safety initiatives for health care providers.

In 2012, the Partnership came together to maximize resources dedicated to improving quality and to eliminate or reduce duplication of efforts by Kansas providers. KQIP includes the Link leads to a third-party website. Kansas Healthcare Collaborative (KHC), the Link leads to a third-party website. Kansas Hospital Association (KHA), Link leads to a third-party website. KFMC, the Link leads to a third-party website. Kansas Medical Society (KMS), and the Link leads to a third-party website. Kansas Department of Health andEnvironment (KDHE), including the Link leads to a third-party website. Primary Care and Rural Health Program and the Link leads to a third-party website. Healthcare-Associated Infections Advisory and Planning Committee. This group provides the collective expertise and voice for quality and patient safety in Kansas.

The Partnership convenes regularly to discuss and coordinate events, activities and opportunities to maximize effectiveness and efficiency for health care providers. These meetings provide an opportunity for strategic discussion about ways to complement each organization’s work, enhance hospital engagement, and maintain the integrity and reputation of the organizations through clear communication and messaging to hospitals, clinics and other providers. The Partnership fosters a transparent, positive and cooperative working relationship and seeks opportunities to share knowledge with Kansas providers. The ultimate goal is to improve the patient experience.

Member Organizations


Kansas Department of Health and Environment logo
A state agency charged with protecting and improving the health and environment of all Kansans. (KDHE)

KFMC logo_full color.png
A not-for-profit organization focused on assisting health organizations achieve higher levels of performance and deliver better health outcomes for patients. (KFMC)

Kansas Healthcare Collaborative logo
A non-profit organization that seeks to align and engage providers and stakeholders to establish Kansas as a role model for health care quality and a top-performer in health care outcomes. (KHC)

Kansas Hospital Association logo
An organization of hospitals working together to improve access, quality and affordability of health care for all Kansans. (KHA)

Kansas Medical Society logo
A member-service organization dedicated to improving the environment in which Kansas physicians practice medicine and to protecting the health of Kansas’ citizens. (KMS)