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Kansas Quality Improvement Partnership 

#OneHealthKS Pledge to Act


to Actively Promote Appropriate Use of Antibiotics


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pledge our commitment toward the achievement of the Kansas Quality Improvement Partnership’s Call to Action goals, as outlined below:

We pledge to develop and/or enhance an antibiotic stewardship program, through the implementation of the Action goals for Antibiotic Stewardship in the next 12 months. Below is the suggested timeline for addressing each area, but can be modified based on your needs:
  • By the end of month one (from your elected start date), designate clinical leadership, a single leader who will be responsible for program outcomes.
  • Allocate necessary resources by the end of month six, including necessary human, financial and information technology resources. Consider including stewardship-related duties in job descriptions and annual performance reviews. Ensure staff from relevant departments are given sufficient time to contribute to stewardship activities.
  • Develop local expertise: By the end of month nine, identify and provide training for hospital stewardship leaders on antibiotic stewardship through on-line or in-person training. KQIP partners are available to assist you in tailoring this core element to your environment (i.e. developing multi-organization, collaborative efforts).
  • By the end of month 12, complete education for clinicians and patients about both resistance and optimal prescribing/antibiotic use.

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